Tibetan Singing Bowl

These are handmade Tibetan Singing Bowls, designed by us that produces various sounds and vibrations based on their different dimensions. These healing bowls are made of seven alloy metals that hold astrological significance. Singing Bowls or Healing Bowls are globally recommended and extensively used during meditation, relaxation and for healing purpose. The sound soothes the nerves while keeping the mind at peace.
Details :

  • These are large Singing bowl with deep vibrating sound, carefully made by hand. As the bowls are handmade, every bowl is just slightly different. The thickness of the metal and size make for variations in sound and vibrations.
  • Compared to the machine made bowls, these bowls have a much more complex sound. The pitch of the bowl when struck from the edge is usually the predominant sound, but when moving the mallet around the rim, the overtones and harmonics will begin to be heard and the range of these sounds is enormous   Singing bowls also called the healing ‘bowls, can be traced back to Asia as early as 2000 B.C.
  • They are made of an alloy of seven, different metals, connected to seven astrological planets, which create a range of different sounds and overtones.
  • Those seven metals are gold-as sun, silver as Moon, mercury as Mercury, copper as Venus, iron as Mars, tin as Jupiter, lead as Saturn. Some singing bowls are made of only five metals. These bowls format, depth, color, girth and composition are variable. Singing Bowls are one of the ritual objects used by Tibetan. They have therapeutic value as well.
  • The Himalayan bowls—also known as Tibetan or Nepalese singing bowls—and the special sounds they make, called sound massage. Singing Bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being.
  • They are made throughout Asia, especially Nepal, China and Japan. They are closely related to decorative bells made along the silk road from the Near East to Western Asia. History of Singing Bowls The caravan routes of Asia not only transported goods for trade, but also served to spread knowledge and religion. Shamans traveled south via Mongolia, and Buddhism crossed the Himalayas from India to the north.
  • Shamanism and Buddhism came together in Tibet. The original religion of Tibet was the shamanistic-animistic Bön religion. In the 7th century AD the famous King Srongt sen (or Srong Btsan) Gampo married two princesses, one from Nepal, and the other from China.
  • Both women were devout Buddhists. Gradually, two new movements developed: Lamaism, which is essentially Buddhist, but reveals strong BON influences, and the Bön religion, which is now a soft of shamanistic branch of Buddhism. 
  • Both branches of Tibetan Buddhism make intensive use of sound in their rituals and meditations.
  • This Singing bowls are widely used in spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, for meditation, relaxation, healthcare, personal well-being, and religious practice.  
  • Singing bowls can be used as vessels to cook, as offering bowls, as beat instruments and for meditation or relaxation. Singing Bowls have a double effect, with sound and vibration.
  • Science has confirmed that music, as an organized form of sound can directly affect mood, brain waves, the nervous system and the body chemistry.
  • Music plays a key role in the religious and spiritual activities of many cultures. Music is also applied to aid digestion, induce sleep and treat mental disturbances.
  • There are usually five basic techniques for playing the bowls:- Beating, Encircling, Adding of Water, Adding of toneless vowels, Spinning 
  • The seven phases of a complete singing bowls relaxation are a gentle treatment of :
    • The Head
    • The Arms
    • The Neck, Face and Throat
    • The back
    • The Abdomen and chest,
    • The face, round off or Neck Lift.

Singing Bowl Effects :

  • Promotion of the energy balance
  • Reduction of stress and involved emotions
  • Reducing of tensions.
  • Upgrading of creativity and imagination.
  • Elevating of life forces Balancing of hemisphere of the brain
  • Helping to harmonize body, spirit and soul.
  • Giving a positive self-image and empowering assertiveness. We offer Genuine Handmade Singing Bowls of different sizes and design.
  • We can also make with your design/logo or images. Please ask for a quote for bulk order.


Size: 3 Inches to 20 inches
Material Used 7 Metals
Manufacturing By Hand Hammering

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